• Murano Cumbres de Santa Fe

    Development, Architecture & Construction: Arozarena • Páramo
    Location: Cumbres de Santa Fe, Mexico City
    Year: 2009
    Area: 236,808 sqft

  • Premium residential development located within the Cumbres de Santa Fe complex, next to Bosques de Santa Fe, in Mexico City. The project encompasses 48 luxury apartments layed out in 4 towers with 12 units each. The apartments have approximate sizes around 3,000 sqft. Amenities include a clubhouse with a multipurpose room, a shared garden, a small kitchen, terrace decks, a gym, a pool, and a toy library. The prime location gives the development a forest ambiance and fabulous views. The project has a total area of ​​236,808 sqft of construction.